Tuning Human Performance


nioVe is a SaaS solution, which wraps a personalised BioEngineering prognostic model protecting people from health emergencies and offering better health and well-being. Based on a competing risk model and with the use of new biomarkers, this pioneer personalised medical solution for the cardiovascular system provides improved estimation for risk.

The scope of nioVe project is to generate 3D digital twins of the cardiovascular system of each patient and resolve the flux Navier Stokes equation for each individual model, to deliver personalised information for dangerous areas within the cardiovascular system. As outcome, the user will receive a fully detailed pre and post conditioned BioEngineering model, personalised, accurate and applicable to every possible future load conditions. Collected experimental data for blood pressure, velocity and fluctuation will be used to train dynamic Artificial Intelligence models to extend external measurements to virtual experimental personalised measurements. Ultimately the nioVe model will realistically simulate a personalised cardiovascular system with personalised blood pressure, velocity and flux measurements, so that results will be trustful.