Tuning Human Performance


EVO4HP is a high-tech company which delivers AI-powered BioEngineering solutions to the Sports & Health Industries. We aim at fostering personal and public health by early detecting and preventing medical diseases. At the same time, we assure sports excellence and performance through injury incidents’ prediction and minimization.



Core Value

Our vision is to establish ourselves as international leaders and pioneers in the sports & health industry. Our dream is to transform the monitoring of the human body into a pure engineering process. With great passion, our dream of offering precise, personalised performance analysis comes true.
A precisely engineered assessment of the human body, tailored to each person. At our labs, we want to create the customer’s digital twin. From the original physical activity, selection and process of sensor data through the application of cutting edge engineering expertise and artificial intelligence algorithms, where it is ready to be delivered and exploited. This way, we aim to give our customers a holistic understanding of their body needs and foster their performance. We offer a game-changer to the sports & health industry!
EVO4HP core value comes in line with that of a top-level Athlete; a person with passion for what he/she does, strongly committed to pursue high standards.

We tend to expand our potential every single day, by using our critical thinking and expertise the same way an Athlete exceeds his/her potential by making the most of his/her mind and body. That is how we better feel, connect and assist each individual athlete. We introduce ourselves as the digital twin of them; we continue the training from where they left the field, tune our models and make the most of them, before they get back to the action…

Sofia Pomakidou
Founder & CEO
Ph.D in Bioengineering
Highly skilled engineers
Highly skilled Data Scientists