At EVO HUMAN PERFORMANCE, we are dedicated to transforming the way sports teams leverage technology to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Our latest market research delves into the satisfaction levels of European sports teams using digital sports solutions, with a special focus on our flagship product, ARTEMYS. Here’s a detailed look at what our survey revealed and how ARTEMYS is making a difference on the field and beyond.

The Survey

We conducted a comprehensive survey targeting 50 professional sports teams across Europe, including notable EVO4HP customers like Fenerbahce BC and Olympiakos BC. The goal was to assess their overall satisfaction with digital sports solutions, particularly ARTEMYS, and identify areas for improvement.

Key Findings

High Satisfaction with ARTEMYS

Significant Performance Enhancements

Case Studies: Fenerbahce BC and Olympiakos BC

Fenerbahce BC
Fenerbahce BC integrated ARTEMYS into their training regime three years ago. They reported a 25% decrease in injuries and significant improvements in player performance metrics. The team gave high marks for customer support and the real-time analytics features.
Olympiakos BC
Using ARTEMYS for the past two years, Olympiakos BC noted a 20% reduction in overtraining-related injuries and improved player endurance. They particularly valued the customized training plans and injury prevention features.

Areas for Improvement

While the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, teams suggested a few areas where ARTEMYS could further excel:


The results of our market research clearly show that ARTEMYS is making a significant impact on the performance and health of European sports teams. At EVO4HP, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by the valuable feedback from our users.

Future Directions

In response to the feedback, we are already working on integrating more advanced analytics and AI-driven features into ARTEMYS. Additionally, we are enhancing our mobile app to ensure it meets the evolving needs of our users. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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