Introducing artemYs

The Sports Industry – undoubtedly one of the most profitables – notes an increasing growth rate during the past years (CAGR of 5.9%). Hence, it goes without saying why season periods tend to become longer and harder, in almost all the elite professional sports. As a result of this, greater performance expectations arise for athletes, who are supposed not only to carry this load, but also to remain active for a greater period. Id est, their bodies are thought to be ultimate machines, but…are they treated likewise?

How BioEngineering can foster Sport Performance & Injury Prevention

Recent data spotlight a rise in the injuries derived from myoskeletal failures, a fact which is more than expected. This fact constitutes a great concern for all professional teams, regardless of the sport (i.e football, basketball etc). The time spent out-of-action by pro players is excessive and the derived cost, too! An estimate of €16 Billion lost annually due to player injuries is noted, translating to almost 40% of the payroll – an enormous waste of money. Quite a number of solutions have been proposed to relieve that problem. Many of them are based on the arbitrary apprehension of Workload, without quantifying that in a precise way. Others fit statistical or even Machine Learning models on historic data to predict the next incident of injury. Those solutions are mostly inclined to show up how an injury correlates with any other independent variables (predictors). Yet they lack the capability to deeply study the underlying mechanism which invokes a tissue micro-failure and evolves it to an injury incident. For EVO HP causation takes over correlation.


Our team has decided to address this problem by the Engineer’s side and introduces a new BioEngineered solution, which will help Teams reduce the players’ downtime* and save money, but most importantly, help the athletes themselves enjoy more time in the field! We are launching the artemYs Saas (Software-as-a-Service), a BioEngineering tool powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), for personalized athlete performance monitoring and structural analysis of the myoskeletal system.

Here’s how it works: The system collects one-off MRI scans of the athlete’s involved muscle groups (usually during the pre-screening season) and the daily sensor data tracked by any industry-standard vest (Catapult, STATSport, etc).

A custom algorithmic approach generates each muscle’s digital 3D model which is continuously loaded by the forces produced during exercise. For the forces to be precisely calculated and effectively allocated to each muscle unit, Deep Learning models are leveraged. This unique technique manages to interrelate the external load the athlete’s body experiences with the responses of its tissue construction.

The system continuously assesses each muscle unit and triggers early warnings to prevent under/over-training, while making suggestions to fine-tune the training regimen. In this way,injury prevention and smooth rehabilitation are achieved, while delivering a precise monitoring of performance.

Proven Results

Our pilot cases were successful at providing risk signals, on a specific time interval (±10 days). A portion of 75% of the injury incidents were detected, prior to their occurence. All of them were validated afterwards by the athletes’ condition.

Who is it for

Anyone working out by making use of tracking vests. Whether it is about a professional team, in Basketball or Footbal or even an individual athlete (amateur or pro), artemYs is capable to deliver.

Core value

EVO4HP’s core value comes in line with that of a top-level Athlete; a man with passion for what he does, strongly committed to pursue high standards.

We tend to expand our potential every single day, by using our mind and expertise the same way an Athlete exceeds her potential by making the most of her mind and body. That is how we better feel, connect and assist her. We introduce ourselves as the digital twin of her; we continue the training from where she left the field, tune our models and make the most of them, before she gets back to action.

Getting in touch

Our journey towards performance guarantee & injury prevention is more than challenging and we would like to share as much as possible on that… For more information about artemYs, visit our website, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Professional Athletics and BioEngineering herald a new dawn and artemYs is in play to unlock its potential.