How Metrics Can Be Objective

Forces, Momentums, Stress Strain
That is about an “evergreen” question, particularly in our days where the abundance of metrics applied to the sport science is existent. A short example could be more explainable. Let’s assume we collect data from a tracking device system, for a specific athlete session. The derived dataset file might look like this:
EVO4HP proposes a brand-new methodology. A streamlined process including data fetching, storage, calculations, but most importantly the insights representation in an understandable format. The derived metrics would be extremely reduced to only those that have a huge impact in each player’s condition, fostering that way the sport scientist’s job, while saving them time. This is why artemYs was conceived and developed.
Starting with the complex, non-linear parameters of the human body structure, proceeding to the Finite Element modeling and Bioengineering set up, we end up with a crossed-valuated solution, served in a simplified format. By using artemYs, the sport scientist can precisely monitor each athlete myoskeletal & workload condition with no hassle on their side.