EVO4HP and OFI Crete F.C. announce Strategic Partnership

We are very happy to announce EVO Human Performance collaboration with one of the most historic football clubs in Greece, OFI FC! Our new BioEngineering tool, artemYs, will be part of the team’s scientific approach towards injury prevention and performance monitoring.

artemYs is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web-based application, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and capable of delivering personalised athlete performance monitoring and structural analysis of the myoskeletal system. It collects athlete’s three-dimensional data during training/game sessions and one-off MRI scans of the involved muscle groups. By leveraging Machine Learning models, the data is translated to personalised workloads and precisely allocated to each muscle unit. The data-driven output triggers early warnings to prevent under/over-training and make suggestions to fine-tune the training regimen.

artemYs answers the need for BioEngineering presence and tailored solutions in the competitive domain of Sport Performance.

Special thanks to Mr. Lysandrou, Mr. Samaras, Dr. Kaliakmanis and the training staff for their active contribution to the project!